Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This SoleX be trippin'!

Finally, the black 5000, Sarte Sara, has reclaimed its rightful place in the GC-register, now listed under 'grindworthy'. Having fitted the black beauty with a not-so-bent flywheel, gently sanded and readjusted the breaker points, we were getting ready for some good ol' SoleXin', but still, the engine wasn't party-prone.

The error turned out to be the spark plug. Somehow, the centre electrode had problems making it all work out with the ground electrode, so a new and harmonic spark plug was found, and as a result, tonnes of torque rained down on the Giant Centipedes.

The only thing missing now is that the Vélo be equipped with razor-sharp javelin-like spinners that can bring justice to the punks who dared stealing her on that cursed September night.
- "Grind him in the groin, I say!"

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